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Congresswoman Sara Jacobs Signs On As Original Co-Sponsor of the Green New Deal

Washington, D.C., April 20, 2021 | Karla Alvarado (202-821-2240)

Today, the Green New Deal resolution was officially filed, with Congresswoman Sara Jacobs (D-CA-53) as an original co-sponsor. The Green New Deal resolution formally calls upon Congress to recognize the impacts of climate change and launch a full-scale mobilization to reduce emissions, improve resilience and sustainability, and to create good-paying jobs in an equitable manner. The Green New Deal gives lawmakers a clear set of goals and objectives and provides a blueprint for positive change.   

Congresswoman Sara Jacobs released the following statement: 

“I am proud to be an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and to represent a generation that is taking on climate change with the urgency it deserves. Now is the time to take action — to protect our planet and our future and to build a more just and livable society for everyone.

“San Diegans are all too familiar with how devastating this crisis has been on our environment, our communities, and our economy — and we know that vulnerable populations continue to pay the steepest price. 

“The Green New Deal is about choosing to have a plan instead of waiting for a miracle. It’s about choosing hope over defeatism. It’s about choosing justice and progress over scarcity and inequality. My generation knows we can’t take small steps to solve big problems — we have to think differently and reimagine a better future. That starts with the Green New Deal.”