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Rep. Sara Jacobs Statement on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Announcement

Congresswoman Sara Jacobs (CA-53) released the following statement today on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement:

“There has never been a Speaker like Nancy Pelosi – a trailblazer in American politics and the most productive and capable leader our institution has ever known. Congress will never be the same without her at the helm. 

“I have looked up to Nancy Pelosi my entire adult life, but I never fully appreciated the depth of her talent, grace, and leadership until I had the opportunity to serve with her. It has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

“Time after time, in the most consequential moments in American history, Speaker Pelosi has been the steady leader we needed. On January 6 – as I was trapped in the House Gallery on my third day in office – I remember thinking, ‘Thank goodness Speaker Pelosi is in charge.’ Her leadership saved our democracy and so many of our lives that day.

“As the first woman Speaker, she paved a path for so many of us to follow and has helped us navigate the stresses, double standards, and sexism women face in politics – all while wearing 4-inch heels. Women throughout Congress – members, staff, and reporters in the press gallery – knew there was a place for us here, because of the Speaker’s example and because she insisted on making room for all of us. It’s impossible to overstate how profound her influence has been on this institution and on all of us who work and serve here. I have been so grateful for her friendship and mentorship and her willingness to uplift my voice, ideas, and legislation in my first term.”

“I’m thankful that she is remaining in Congress, and that we will all continue to benefit from her guidance and counsel.”