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Rep. Sara Jacobs Pens Op-Ed in The San Diego Union-Tribune Calling to Improve Military Quality of Life

Congresswoman Sara Jacobs (CA-51) today penned an op-ed in The San Diego Union-Tribune, calling for increased federal investments to improve the quality of life of our service members and military families in order to address recruitment and readiness challenges and live up to our country’s values.

Read Rep. Sara Jacobs’ Op-Ed Here

In her op-ed, Congresswoman Sara Jacobs writes:

“In San Diego, nearly everyone scrambles to find housing that’s affordable, but it’s even harder for our service members. The wait time for a military housing unit can be up to 24 months. For those who can find it, the housing doesn’t always meet the most basic standard of living and can have black mold, windows that won’t close, leaky roofs and loose electrical wiring, putting their health and safety at risk.

“The problems extend far beyond housing. More than 4,000 military children are waiting for child care spots at San Diego’s military day care centers. Meanwhile, the San Diego Food Bank feeds roughly 45,000 service members and veterans every single month. These issues make everyday life exponentially harder — on top of the stress and demands of life in the service.

“That’s why I’ve made addressing military quality of life issues one of my top priorities in Congress…While we continue to push for small changes to improve the overall well-being and quality of life of service members and military families, it’s time for us to think bigger. It’s time for us to overhaul the military budget and finally ensure that our dollars invest in our best asset: our service members.”