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Reps. Sara Jacobs, Jason Crow Urge Full Investigation into Potential Civilian Casualty from U.S. Strike in Syria

Following reports that a U.S. military strike may have killed a Syrian civilian instead of a senior al-Qaeda (AQ) leader, Reps. Sara Jacobs (CA-51) and Jason Crow (CO-06), Co-Chairs of the Protection of Civilians in Conflict Caucus, urged a full investigation into the incident. 

The lawmakers said: “We’re alarmed by reports that the U.S. military is no longer confident this strike killed a senior al-Qaeda official and instead may have killed Lotfi Hassan Misto, a father of ten who was tending to his sheep in northwest Syria. Since forming this caucus last year, we’ve focused on preventing, reducing, and making amends for incidents of civilian harm – and it’s clear that our work is still sorely needed. We echo the Misto family’s demands for answers and urge a full investigation into what happened as well as potential plans to make amends. Harming civilians reflects poorly on our values and creates fertile ground for political violence and terrorism. It’s critical we make this right.”