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Appropriations Requests Form

Appropriations Requests

California’s 51st district is home to many different organizations and institutions working on projects that are vital to our community. For projects that are seeking federal funding, please use this Appropriations Request Form to submit your requests for the FY2024 budget. 

Please note that:

  • Requests should be limited to one program per submission. Submissions including multiple requests will not be considered 

  • This is NOT where to submit Community Project Requests - the form for those requests is listed below

  • Fields marked with an “*” are required 

  • Please note that if your project is selected for further review, you will be asked to submit additional information and documentation beyond this form

  • For any general inquiries about the submission process please call our D.C. office at (202) 225- 2040


Community Project Funding Requests

Community Project Funding allows Members of Congress to request direct funding for specific projects that benefit the communities they represent. Community Project Funding is separate from the standard Appropriations process for federal grants and funding apportioned by formula (those requests can be submitted via the “Appropriations Request Form” above).

In Fiscal Year 2022, Congresswoman Jacobs successfully secured $3 million in direct funding across four projects in San Diego and the 53rd District – for the Linda Vista Branch Library, the City Heights/Weingart Library, the Balboa Park Starlight Bowl, and the San Diego County Child Care Expansion Fund. In Fiscal Year 2023, Congresswoman Jacobs secured over $16 million in direct funding for 16 projects in the San Diego area, including nearly $6 million to address the child care crisis.

The FY2024 Community Project Funding process includes stringent eligibility, ethics, and transparency requirements, which are outlined on each of the respective forms below. Community Project Funding can only be designated for state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, public institutions, or certain eligible non-profit entities. Projects cannot be designated for private individuals or for-profit entities.

Community engagement and support is important when considering projects for federal funding; only projects that demonstrate strong community support will be considered. Our office will be required to present evidence of community support to the Appropriations Committee that highlights compelling factors as to why your project was selected. Examples of this include but are not limited to: 

  • Letters of support from elected community leaders 

  • News articles highlighting the need for the requested community project funding 

  • Support from newspaper editorial boards 

  • Projects listed on State intended use plans, community development plans, or other publicly available planning documents 

  • Resolutions passed by city councils or boards 

These documents can be submitted with your request within each individual form.

Ethics and Transparency Requirements:

  • Each Member may only submit 15 Community Project Funding requests to the Appropriations Committee for consideration. Not all 15 will be successfully funded.

    • If your project is one of the 15 submitted, the full details of your request (including the information provided below) are required to be posted publicly online by Congresswoman Jacobs and the Appropriations Committee.

  • The Government Accountability Office (GAO) will conduct a mandatory audit of a sample of enacted Community Project Funding and report its findings to Congress, which will also likely become public.

  • A Member, their spouse, and their immediate family may not have any financial interest in the project. Each Member is required to submit, in writing, confirmation that no such conflict of interest exists.

How to apply: 

Submitting a project to our office does not guarantee it will be selected to advance, nor does it guarantee it will be selected for funding by the Appropriations Committee. The deadline for submissions will be announced at a later date.

If your project is selected to advance in the process, our office will contact you directly for more information. Timely follow-up responses are required in order to meet final deadlines set by the Appropriations Committee.

Please see the appropriate links to submission forms below for each of the Appropriations subcommittees. Please ensure that you are completing the correct form based on the federal program under which your program would be funded. 

Please note:

  • Priority will be given to projects that center equity and/or support children in San Diego

  • Projects must be based in California’s 51st District, benefit the communities of the 51st District, or benefit San Diego County residents at-large

  • Requests should be limited to one program per submission; submissions including multiple requests will not be considered

  • Each project request must be for Fiscal Year 2024 only and cannot include requests for multi-year funding, unless expressly stated

  • Fields marked with an “*” are required

  • If your project is selected for further review, you will be asked to submit additional information and documentation beyond this form

  • For any general inquiries about the submission process please call our D.C. office at (202) 225- 2040